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Why API?

The API is used in order to try and prevent abuse as each dice will be linked to the generating character, so you can always backtrack the dices rolled by a pilot as well as keeping the dice within the EVE-Online sphere.

» About DICE

DICE is a way to create random numbers for use in lotteries or similar acitvities where numbers determine the outcome of an event.

One or more numbers are generated before the event is starting and once the event finishes the numbers will be unlocked for anyone to view. This guarantees that no numbers are generated after the list of participants is established.

For example, a lottery with 50 tickets is held; The creator rolls the winning number before the lottery is started - the number cannot be viewed by creator or participants at this point.

The lottery starts and participants are assigned their lottery tickets/numbers and once the lottery ends (when creator choses so) he or she can "unlock" the dice - showing everyone the pre-generated winning number.

Participants can verify the number and that it is the "dice" rolled before the lottery launched.

The amount of numbers generated before an event can be a single - or multiple depending on the need of the event held.

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